Wide spudraincoats with a "sack" style. Perfect to work in your orchard or countryside. Very useful too for campers, festival goers, backpackers and pilgrims.

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  • The original poncho, also known as the SPUD RAINCOAT, was the first waterproof plantable and biodegradable garment in the whole world. It is a wide cape perfect for music festivals, camping or agricultural work. Includes a clay ball, a mini ecosystem - which contains many seeds that, in turn, help germinate the other seeds, depending on the environmental...

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  • The BASIC model, as its very name suggests, is the most simple in the collection and the best for an emergency when the durability of the cloth is not the key factor and you prefer something more disposable incase of loss or damage. Ultralight weight:only 70 grams). We also call it SOS (Single Or Simple)MATTERS AND PROCESS

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