Matters and process

- Our garments and accesories are GMO FREE!. In the making of our bioplastic resin no genetically modified potatoes have been used, what

often happens in the bioplastic from corn starch.

- All our garments from the FANTASTIC BIOPLASTIC collection are disposables after several uses. They have been created as an alternative

to the emergency ponchos made from PVC or regular plastic with a petrochemical origin. They are not technical garments in any case.

- Some of the garments include a pocket with seeds, which are always organic seeds certified by a third party.

- The EQUILICUA material is certified as compostable by the international certifiers (VINCOTTE, DIN CERTCO, BPI) in:

               o EN 13432: Recoverable through composting anb biodegradation

               o GMO free

               o Does not contain any oil derivative.

               o It requires specific heat and humidity conditions to decompose in about 180 days.

- We use eco-friendly, compostable and solvent-free inks, also certified OK KOMPOST by VINCOTTE.

- Manufacturing takes place in ISO 14001 certified companies, following labour and environmental politics standards.

- We manufacture our products entirely in the North of Spain.