"ORIGINAL" Spudraincoat with seeds

The original poncho, also known as the SPUD RAINCOAT, was the first waterproof plantable and biodegradable garment in the whole world.

It is a wide cape perfect for music festivals, camping or agricultural work. Includes a clay ball, a mini ecosystem - which contains many seeds that, in turn, help germinate the other seeds, depending on the environmental conditions.

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  best production practice biodegradable emergency poncho

Why is it plantable?

Our idea is to focus on climate change and raise awareness of the importance of reducing CO2 emissions using the best production practice.

What seeds are included?

The raincoat includes a clay ball created by a Japanese technique of permaculture. The ball contains seeds of aromatic plants, flowers, trees and mediterranean bushes, this way, when you plant your raincoat, the seeds will germinate.

Where do I plant my raincoat?

Use the raincoat as often as you want: cycling, at a concert, on holidays, working in your garden or meadow.. and when the raincoat breaks, you can plant it in a special place in its memory.

Bioplastic only biodegrades under certain specific conditions of heat and humidity, that is why we recommend burying it and not leaving it in the open because it will take more time to disappear. Buried underground it will become a nutrient in about 180 days.

Why does it have no sleeves?

It has no sleeves so it´s easy to wear and lets you wear your rucksack inside so it doesn't get wet - it also lets you move your arms and hands inside the raincoat freely and be able to use your mobile phone, for instance. Its main attribute is the width what makes it perfect for pilgrims, ramblers, campers, outdoor festivals and concerts or people who work outdoors.

Why is the packaging in chinese?

Most may think that this is a Made in China product because of the packaging. That is not correct, this is a product MADE IN SPAIN. We put Chinese labelling in the packaging to spread our message against disposable and short-lived products made of petrochemical plastic.

Can it be customized?

This model can be entirely custom-made (from 1500 units) or partially with a located marking (from 100 units)

You have to know that our garments and accesories are GMO FREE!. In the making of our bioplastic resin no genetically modified potatoes have been used, what often happens in the bioplastic from corn starch

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