Going outside on a rainy day is an act of cosmic protest with this green waterproof cape! You will not fly away even in you are an alien, but you can camouflage yourself on Earth and in the jungle too, we promise it!

Organic green pea seeds are included to be planted in a pot or in an orchard. You know: "You reap what you sow"

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The Garden capes from EQUILICUA can be buried as organic waste because none of the raw materials or additives are toxic for people or for the planet.

This model includes a bioplastic pocket with organic green pea seeds so you can test and verify that our innnovative material is a good nutrient and fertilizer for the seeds growth.

A storage bag is included to keep it the product dry. The garment can be reused many times.

This product has been awarded by The German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M.e.V) for its contribution to the sustainable design and innovation, Newcomers Lifestyle category.

This a patented product by Equilicua Materials S.L.

GREEN PRODUCT AWARD 2013/2014. 2nd place

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